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San Diego Unified Online Credit Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is credit recovery?

  • Credit recovery is a process whereby a student repeats a class to make up for a previous D or F grade that he or she received in an equivalent class.
  • Online credit recovery provides students with an alternative to repeating a seat based class.

What students can take a credit recovery course?

  • Any district student who receives a D or F grade in a core course during high school can take an online credit recovery course to suppress the grade. There is no credit recovery for elective classes.
  • Seniors who need to make up credits to graduate are given priority enrollment.

What courses are offered for online credit recovery?

Does the teacher of the class need to hold a credential?

  • Yes. The teacher of a credit recovery class must be a highly qualified teacher.
  • The teacher must possess the required credential for the class that is being offered.

Are the credit recovery courses UC 'a-g' compliant?

  • Yes.

Do the online credit recover courses meet NCAA Clearinghouse requirements?

  • The full versions of Edgenuity courses meet the NCAA Clearinghouse approval for online providers.
  • The credit recovery versions of Edgenuity courses do not meet the NCAA Clearninghouse approval. The courses, which include a pretest, are designated with an "R" at the end of the course code and "CR" at the end of the course title.
  • Student athletes should not be placed in "R" versions. To maintain eligibility they must take the full version of the online course.

How are parents informed that a student will be taking a credit recovery course?

  • Parents must sign a permission form for the student to take an online course. This is required by California Education Code.
  • Parents should be given a copy of the signed permission form as well as any other information relevant to the student's enrollment in the class (i.e. teacher name, time of class whether it takes place after school, how to access the parent portal, and other relevant information).


How are the online credit recovery courses delivered?

  • The credit recovery courses are offered online through Edgenuity, an online course provider. Students have the following options for taking the credit recovery course:
  • Through the student's home school with a teacher credentialed in the subject that the student needs. This can be scheduled after school or during the school day.
  • Through dual enrollment with an iHigh Virtual Academy teacher. Information can be found at https://www.sandiegounified.org/schools/ihigh-virtual-academy/overview-11.

What is dual enrollment online credit recovery?

  • Students remain at their home school and take one class online through iHigh Virtual Academy.
  • Students may be scheduled into a computer lab for one period during the day, or scheduled to take the class outside of the school day.
  • Students must meet with a mentor at their own school at least once a week to make sure the they are on track and progressing at a satisfactory pace.
  • Students must take the proctored course tests at their own school monitored by a school site staff member; they do not meet with the iHigh teacher for the testing.
  • Students interact with their iHigh teachers in a virtual setting, through email, message center, and other virtual means.

Can online credit recovery courses meet accommodations for students with IEPs?

  • Online courses can be customized to meet the needs of students receiving supports through their IEP for credit recovery.
  • The case manager will provide a copy of the IEP to the course teacher and work with that teacher to make sure accommodations are met.

Can the online credit recovery program work in alternative settings?

  • The online credit recovery program can offer flexibility that may be needed due to time and space restrictions. If your school would like any special consideration, contact the credit recovery office or mcottrell@sandi.net to see how your school can structure online credit recovery courses.

Are online credit recovery courses offered in summer school?

  • The district makes the decisions on what schools and what classes will be offered, usually by May for the summer. Traditionally online credit recovery has been a part of every summer program and the expectation is that this will continue to be the case.


How are students enrolled into online credit recovery classes?

  • The school site counselor reviews student transcripts to determine which students need to take a credit recovery course, then enrolls those students into the appropriate online credit recovery classes.
  • The course request should ideally be a part of articulation at the school during the spring.
  • Students and parents are given information on the requirements of online credit recovery and given options.

Are there job aids for enrolling students into online classes?

How many credit recovery courses can a student take?

  • Taking one online credit recovery course at a time is the best practice. When a student completes one course he can be enrolled into another course.

Can charter school students enroll into district credit recovery courses?

  • No, charter school students cannot take online credit recovery through dual enrollment at iHigh Virtual Academy.

Grading Policies

What is grade suppression?

  • When a student successfully repeats a course or completes the online credit recovery course, the D or F grade that the student received previously is no longer used to calculate the GPA. Rather, the new grade that the student receives in the credit recovery class is used. Note: The suppression is used by the district for GPA calculations. Colleges use both grades when calculating a student's GPA.

When a student takes an online credit recovery course will the previous D or F disappear from the transcript?

  • No, all the grades a student receives appear on the transcript. The previous D or F will be listed; however, it will no longer be used for the district's GPA calculation.

Can students take credit recovery for C grades?

  • No, for grade suppression purposes, a student may repeat a course only until he or she receives a grade of "C" or better.

How does a student know which online course to take to suppress the course in which he or she received a D or F?

  • School counselors have a course equivalency chart to for use in assigning students to an online credit recovery class.

What happens if the student fails the credit recovery course?

  • If the student already has a D or F in the course it will not be counted against him twice in his district GPA calculation. However, the F will be recorded on the transcript and will be included in College GPA calculations.

Can a student take the credit recovery class more than once?

  • Yes, if the student does not pass a credit recovery class the first time he can take the class again.

How are grades recorded?

  • Students receive 6- and 12- week progress reports, and a final grade.
  • Teachers will use Powerschool Gradebook to enter grades manually.
  • Grades appear on the student transcript with the online course name and number.

How can you tell that the previous D or F has been suppressed?

  • A suppressed course mark is indicated on a student's transcript by "R.". The new grade also appears on the transcript
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