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Dual Enrollment Information for SDUSD Counselors

Students enrolled at participating SDUSD high schools may sign up through their counselors to take one online course at a time with iHigh Virtual Academy. This is accomplished through "dual enrollment," in which the student takes at least 4 classes at his/her current high school, plus an online class through iHigh. Students interested in dual enrollment must contact their school counselors for approval.

What are the requirements for schools to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program?

Each participating high school program must have a designated Counselor (the contact person for scheduling the online classes), as well as at least one designated Mentor (usually a designated teacher), who is responsible for monitoring student progress, arranging local tutoring, proctoring exams, and maintaining communications with the online instructor. The Counselor and Mentor are granted permissions to view the online student gradebook, for purposes of progress monitoring.

Counselors and/or Mentors who are new to the iHigh program should obtain site administrator approval, then contact the SDUSD Credit Recovery Coordinator, Maureen Cottrell (

How do Counselors know which courses their students may take?
Counselors should view the iHigh course list within PowerSchool. Please note that students may not be dual-enrolled in science classes unless the principal at the student's high school has designated a credentialed science teacher to conduct the hands-on labs. The lab teacher's name and contact information needs to be provided to Maureen Cottrell at

Course duration: Courses are semester length at iHigh. All coursework must be completed by the end of the term in which the student is enrolled. Students that start later in the semester will have a decreased length of time to complete their work prior to the end of the semester. Schools need to enroll students in a timely manner to ensure they will have enough time to complete the class.

Are any forms required to dual-enroll a student in an iHigh course?
Enrollment requires a parent pernission form and academic honesty agreement. The iHigh teacher also needs a copy of the IEP or 504 plan for any special needs students, via email or fax. Our fax number is: 619-764-5484.

Are iHigh courses UC a-g approved?
All iHigh core courses, as well as several electives, are UC a-g approved. You may verify course status by going to the online UC a-g list and entering iHigh in the Search.

Are iHigh courses NCAA approved?
iHigh has obtained NCAA approval for all Edgenuity core courses.You may verify course status by going to the NCAA Eligibility Center page ( Clicking on the button to enter as an Administrator, then click the tab that says "List of NCAA Courses." Enter iHigh's CEEB/ACT code 054365 in the top box and click the Search button. Scroll down below the school information to view approved courses.

How do Counselors know whether an iHigh course will suppress a grade in a district course?
There is a course equivalency list in the Counselor/Registrar handbook, although new courses may have been added since publication.

How do Counselors know whether a student is a good candidate for online learning?
Ideally, successful online students are self-directed, self-motivated and able to efficiently manage their time. They need to take the initiative to contact their teachers when they have questions. Most of the online content is written at the 9th-grade reading level, so students reading and/or writing below grade level are likely to struggle. It is also important to confirm that the student has daily access to an Internet-connected computer.

Students often have the perception that taking an online course will be easy, especially if they have previously taken an Apex credit recovery course. It is important that students understand that the first-time online courses are quite rigorous. Otherwise, the courses would not be UC a-g approved as college-prep courses.

What about students with IEPs?
Many students with IEPs have successfully completed iHigh courses. Success largely depends on the student's skills and special needs. Many accommodations can be met within the online learning management system. However, there are definitely limitations built into the system, over which we do not have control. Before enrolling a special needs student, counselors should provide a copy of the IEP to Maureen Cottrell (, to ensure our ability to accommodate the student's needs. For example, we would not be able to provide Specialized Academic Instruction or be able to provide a peer tutor for a student.

In general, most students that are reading/writing at the 9th grade level can be successful if they are able to keep up with the online assignments and pacing guide. The iHigh Mentor at the student's school of attendance will play a critical role in supporting and monitoring the student. The online tutorials will allow the student to re-play a lesson as many times as needed. The 24/7 access to the course will allow for built-in extended time.

What are the steps for dual-enrolling a student in an iHigh course?

Counselors who attended the Edgenuity counselor training are able to direct-enroll students in the online classes. Enrollments may not exceed contracted teacher workloads, which means that classes will be closed when seats are filled. We periodically review enrollment lists and reserve the right to drop any students who have not made progress in their course by the second week. It is only fair to students on the wait list that we drop students who are not completing their online work.

Is there anything Counselors need to do after activating the enrollment?

Yes, please double check to make sure everything is in place for the student to be successful. The iHigh Mentor at the student's school site may also assume these responsibilities:

  • Check with the student to be sure he/she knows the login information. Otherwise,it is possible that days could go by without the student being able to log in to start the class.
  • Make sure the student has daily home/school access to an Internet-connected computer.
  • Help connect the student with a local peer or teacher for tutoring, as needed.
  • Be sure to provide the required AP textbooks for students taking online AP courses. Please note that students take AP exams at their main school sites, even if the AP course is taken through iHigh.
  • Provide iHigh with a copy of the IEP or 504 plan, if you have not already done so.
  • For student athletes, make sure they are enrolled in a class that is NCAA approved (not credit recovery).

Are students allowed to drop?

In general, students that enroll in iHigh courses should consider it a commitment to complete the term. We do automatic drops for students who have not logged in by the end of week 4 for semester classes. Students in semester classes may not drop after week 6. These dates are aligned with district policy and progress report benchmarks. Please contact Maureen Cottrell ( with any questions.

Academic Dishonesty
iHigh teachers are quite experienced at catching plagiarized work and similar incidents of academic dishonesty. Our policy is to issue one warning and to notify the Mentor, who should notify the parent. The student will be dropped from the class if there are further incidents of academic dishonesty.

Please direct any Dual Enrollment questions to Maureen Cottrell at Fax number is 619-764-5484.

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